About the Author

2018.13Jan_Mark_Grisham_InstaSurprisedMark loves reading, of course, especially science fiction, fantasy and adventure books.  Some of his favourite authors are Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler, Isaac Asimov, JRR/Christopher Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, Clifford Simak and Arthur Porges.  He proudly owns all three of the Ruum stories in their original publications.  He recommends reading Enid Blyton’s classic Secret Seven and Famous Five books, which are especially accessible to younger readers.

His love of writing comes not only from books and film, not to mention computer games, but also tabletop role-playing, particularly Dungeons & Dragons where many happy hours were spent exploring old dungeons in search of magical swords and treasure while generally running away screaming or hiding after getting everyone else into trouble.

One of Mark’s peculiar hobbies is collecting old pencils, mechanical and wood-cased and he particularly likes Palamino’s lovingly revived Blackwing 602 series.   A couple of the best sites for information are Bob Truby’s Brand Name Pencils and Wood & Graphite, a Youtube channel.  Sadly, Leadholder, the Drafting Pencil Museum seems to be no more.  If anyone would like to donate any interesting old pencils, please email at darkgrIMG_2704eenheart@gmail.com.




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