The books behind the stories


I was excited to receive my first Martin Magnus book in the post today, after reading author Simon Haynes’ experiences discovering and treasuring the series.  Displayed with it are a couple of obscure books which have inspired some of my ideas for Haldan Thane and Ruzscom (my unpublished adventure story).  Battlestations! by Diane Carey features Lt Commander Piper, Kirk and Spock and how they take an old ‘truck’ of a spaceship and upgrade it, a bit like the Millennium Falcon.  Alien Intrusion is a much more serious and objective exploration of many sightings, abductions and so on of extraterrestrials than one might judge from its title and cover.  Surprisingly, it studies the phenomenon from a Christian perspective.  So, if you want to read the stories behind the stories, check them out.


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