In these waning hours of the weekend, I found a few minutes to continue my MSPE adventure, The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar {spoilers warning!}.  Recovering from my snakebite, I followed the trail and happened upon a gated compound, a fortified village, and spotted none other than Juan Hernandez himself!  I was sure that the professor and the others were being kept there, and through a fortunate distraction, I managed to rescue the hostages!

Just turning past a lot of the possible turns of this solo adventure, I glimpsed (trying NOT to look) several exciting possibilities, some of which I’m sure would lead to my body lying dead in the jungle.  In the end, the adventure was really fun and I was thinking it was a bit like those pick-your-path books but with dice, although I think some do use dice.  I’m a bit fuzzy on why it’s called jade jaguar, although I did come across the tracks of a big cat at one point.

In the photo below, you can see how Hank’s journal has been filled out a bit more and my latest addition to the game; a printed copy of the rules PDF.  Luckily I have access to a power stapler and book covering.  I’d certainly prefer the official printed book, and hope to buy it when I get Mugshots #2 and other books.  For now, I can hardly wait to try Mugshots #1, Dave Arneson’s The Case of the Pacific Clipper!



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