Something for my inspiration wall

dead in space quote

I have a  lot of stuff pinned to my cork board above my writing desk; Yeats’ poem The Black Tower, Neruda’s poem Ode to Enchanted Light, some Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County comics, and a few other things.  Joining them will be this extract of text from my book Perseid, which I feel is the sort of writing that comes out sometimes when a writer is in the groove.  I was really happy with this bit, and I hope you guys enjoy it.  For more, check out Chapters 5, 7 and 8 in Perseid.

For an update on what’s happening with my writing; I found a bit of time today to write another scene or two in the fantasy book, and have had lots of interesting ideas to consider using in HT6 as well as Ruzscom.  I want to finish all three so that I can read them!


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