Found early ideas similar to Crilum!

For many years, a big part of my writing process has been writing down ideas in old journals and notebooks.  I’ve been reading through these looking for inspiration to make my HT#6 draft and my fantasy story better, and have just come across what seems to be an early idea that is eerily similar to the plot of my first-written book, Crilum and one small part like the fifth book, Koleos.  I’m not sure exactly how old these are, but I’d say mid-noughties.  I’ll share it with you as it’s written:

Star Alliance Command has sent you an urgent communication.  A prominent scientist, Dr Molnark, and his team have not returned from an asteroid (or planetary fragment) mining facility.  As the system is not far from your current location, you are to go to this asteroid and investigate.  Recovery of the scientific team is your top priority, recovery of their vessel and maintaining good diplomatic relations with the miners is secondary.  

Command believes stellar signal interference has coincided with or caused a breakdown of Dr Molnark’s ship, nothing more.  In actuality, the Udlornans and their mercenaries have chosen the stellar phenomenon to stage an attack, which worked fairly well.  

The party’s ship will be shot down and will be beyond repair.  The miners are a humanoid species with green skin and a large, single eye (they have trouble with light, good in darkness).


*small enclosed tracked mine vehicle, pulls carts through tunnels

*excavators- spidery, some giant ones (spider robot excavators?)







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