DriveThruRPG and Blog of Holdings’s Flying Buffalo bundle

In a time when D&D was all the craze and it still felt new and full of possibilities, my favourite thing in the world to do was to go into Bud’s Hobby Shop and browse all the RPG books he had on offer while becoming intoxicated on his pipe-smoke.  I just had to have all those amazing adventure modules, rule books and dice, but one day I slid out one book I hadn’t seen before – Grimtooth’s Traps.  It gleefully described some of the most devious and dastardly ways adventurers could die in a fantasy dungeon exploration.  What fun!

Fast forward to now:  One of my favourite sites, DriveThruRPG, is selling a Flying Buffalo Bundle that has all their Traps books, all their imaginative CityBooks and one that I’m particularly excited about – Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes.  I rate Raiders of the Lost Ark as my favourite film of all time, and being able to play someone like Indy in an adventure sounds like a great time.  As they say, all it takes is some imagination, but dice and an adventure module are welcome additions.  I can hardly wait to try out the Adventure of the Jade Jaguar!


24 October 2017 – UPDATE:  Last week, I found another adventure, The Case of the Pacific Clipper, on sale and bought it too.  The game uses three d6 dice, and I’ve been thinking that as it’s usually set in the early part of the Twentieth Century, I wanted to find some vintage pip dice and happily had three that I could use.  So now I’m onto making a dice case designed to fit.  I’ve made a rough one, but have re-designed it and am waiting on some dye and some snaps that are a better size.  I’ll post a photo soon and let you know how my adventures in the game went.


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