Errata – Rylomos

I was disappointed to come across an error in Rylomos over the weekend.  It’s what’s usually called a ‘word choice’ error and in this case, it was a homophone.  On page 10, it reads, ‘Stagnus made an impatient waiving-forwards gesture with his hand’.  The error is that I used the word ‘waiving’ when it should’ve been ‘waving’.

According to Merriam-Webster, to waive is to give up a claim to something, although one meaning which is a bit closer is ‘to dismiss with or as if with a wave of the hand’ (e.g. waived the problem aside).  It’s considered to be an archaic transitive verb, but I was aware of the difference, even if it did creep into my writing.  And of course, the closest meaning of ‘to wave’ in the context of the scene is ‘to motion with the hands or with something held in them’.

A side note is that in the hyphenated word I used, which was a stylistic choice of verb-adverb, ‘waving-forwards’, includes the adverb ‘forwards’.  I did a bit of research into forward vs forwards (e.g. moving forward vs moving forwards), finding that in British English, the added -s is favoured, aside from when it’s used to describe something in a particular relative position, such as the forward viewscreen.  There was much research like this that went into the word choices that were made in the series.  Although it’s now been corrected, please accept my apologies for the stuff-up.  😦




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